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Do you want to store and control the amount of oil you are using with just a simple press? Our Store & Control - Oil Dispenser can help you control the amount of oil by simply pressing the switch hole. Take the mess and hassle out of pouring and spraying by measuring and controlling the exact quantity of the oil that you need to avoid oil wasting. With its zero-drip spout, the oil dispenser pours your olive oil or vinegar without any of it ever dripping down the sides.

Our oil dispenser's transparent body makes it very convenient to identify the liquid and see the level, perfect for storing olive oil, vinegar, wine, salad dressings, etc.  The main body of the product is made of safe nano-calcium glasstogether with an acrylic oil guiding tube inside. Its unique design can accurately measure the internal quantity, keeping your kitchen clean, and your meals healthy.

  • easy measure - pressure pump allows you to measure the precise amount of oil in the teaspoon, tablespoon, and milliliter measurements
  • usage - perfect for storing olive oil, vinegar, wine, salad dressings, etc
  • material - high-quality glass body and metal frame, strong and durable
  • easily control quantities of oil or vinegar with pre-portioned liquid and controlled metal spout
  • can also be used to infuse your favorite herbs for tasty salad recipes or to store your homemade vinaigrette
  • eco- friendly and anti-bacterial
  • easy to use and easy to clean
  • accurate measurement every time 

Size: 500 ml (28 cm x 6.5 cm) 
Material: lead-free glass, food grade silica gel
Package includes: 1 x oil dispenser