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Do you always feel messy and confuse when you open up your fridge? Then our AtlasWaves™️ Fridge Organizer - Multipurpose Storage Drawer is the perfect solution for you! Keep your refrigerator clean and organized with our colorful food separator that can be easily attached to the different layers of your fridge. Maximize your refrigerator storage space now! 

Made of high-quality PP material that is strong, and durable for long-lasting use. A storage drawer with an adjustable shelf? No problem! Just slide it to the width size you want and you will get the extra space that you wanted! A modern and creative drawer organizing solution made to keep your things easily accessible.

  • multi-purpose - suitable for use not only on your refrigerator but also on coffee tables, desks, and other surfaces
  • space saver - maximizes your refrigerator storage
  • adjustable - just slide it to the width size you want
  • perfect storage - can store different kinds of food or other objects
  • made to keep your things easily accessible
  • designed with a good ventilating feature
  • has good toughness and solidness